Unemployed Coverage Options

Unemployed Health Coverage in Marysville, Yuba City & Surrounding Areas

What Are My Health Coverage Options If I’m Unemployed?

The ACA brings about many concerns that those currently unemployed face. These concerns, however, are alleviated when a person fully understands what options are available to them, and working with a health insurance expert can make the process much easier. First and foremost, a person currently unemployed will still be required to seek health care and there are many options that will be available to them.

Choosing Your Health Insurance in Marysville & Yuba City, CA

  • Option Dependencies

The options currently available are entirely dependent on a person’s current household size as well as their current income. This is all reflected within the marketplace that will ask a person their current household size and income, and give you the best options for individual and family health insurance. Whether a person is unemployed or not will not have a bearing on whether they can obtain insurance or not. The only difference is that more appropriate insurance options will be shown based on the figures entered.

  • Medicaid

Those with limited incomes may be eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid is currently held by millions of people and is based on the state level. Each state will have their own requirements that a person must meet before being allowed to obtain coverage. A person has the option to apply with the state to see if they are approved, or a person can simply enter their information into the marketplace to see if they meet the minimum standards required for their state’s program.

  • CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program)

Families with children or women that are currently pregnant may be able to seek CHIP as an option. This program is meant for those that cannot afford private insurance, but make more money than is allowed for a person applying for Medicaid. This coverage can be sought locally as well as directly on the Marketplace by entering in your information.

  • Marketplace Insurance

The same Marketplace that is open to everyone also allows for lower cost plans to be listed. If a person qualifies, they may have lower premiums or have to pay less out-of-pocket expenses based on their current level of income. This lower-cost insurance is dependent on the size of a family as well as the overall income that is currently being made. Applying is easy and can be done right online.

While every person, unemployed or not, is required to have health insurance, there are a plethora of affordable options available to everyone. With three great options to choose from, a person may have to pay very little, or in some cases, nothing at all for the insurance that they obtain. If you have any questions, contact our health insurance experts today to learn more about your options for health insurance Marysville CA!