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Family Health Insurance Plans In Marysville & Yuba City

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We all know how expensive medical bills can get and they never seem to come at the right time. In fact, Medical Bills are the #1 reason for bankruptcy in the United States.

Individual & Family Health Insurance Plans

Individual & Family Health Insurance plans & policies protect your assets, your income, your health and your peace of mind. Every one of us needs Individual Health Insurance, unless we are independently wealthy and want to take on the risk of unlimited exposure to medical bills if something happens to us; and why would we want to take on that risk?

Individual Health Insurance or Family Health Insurance are types of health insurance plans that cover medical and surgery expenses.

Health Insurance Plans That Cover Your Needs

Even though every one of needs Individual Health Insurance, we don’t all need or want the same Individual Health Insurance plan. Those of us that are pretty healthy might decide to purchase Health Insurance in case of a Catastrophic event – like an accident or sudden cancer diagnosis.  An individual in this group might not be too worried about the cost of occasional office visits and is more likely not to prioritize such coverage.

Those of us who:

  • May go to the doctor more often
  • May have some medical conditions already
  • Or may not be able to pay as much out of pocket if something major does occur
  • Or may have a family to help cover
  • Or may have some coverage through an employer/spouse but need supplemental coverage to create a comprehensive health plan

…will have different coverage needs and will all be looking for variations that meet our needs exactly from our health insurance provider.

Wherever you may be in these examples, we can help. We have access to all of the major Health Insurance Companies in California like Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser, HealthNet and more.

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