Group Health Insurance Marysville CA

Group Health Insurance Marysville CA

What is Group Health Insurance?

Group Health Insurance is health insurance coverage offered by an employer for the business owner and employees. Businesses offer Group Health Insurance to attract and keep good employees. The experts at Bravos Insurance can help you find the right options for your needs!

How does it work?

Employers choose health insurance plans to offer and invite employees to participate. Usually, 75% of the employees must accept the insurance in order to qualify and be accepted by the Health Insurance Company. Typically, Employers have to pay at least 50% of the employee’s premium each month, however, most employers pay between 80% – 100% of the employee’s premium. Dependents can be added to the Insurance as well. Employers do not have to pay for the premium for the dependents. Employers that want to offer stronger benefits to their employees will offer to pay for some or all of the dependents premium too.
In todays market, most small group employers pay for 80% of the employees premium and 0% of the dependent premium, depending on the industry.

Is it right for my business?

If you are able to contribute to the employee premium and you want to offer a strong incentive for employees to work for you or you want to give additional support to your employees and their families then, offering Group Health Insurance for your company could be a good idea.

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Since Small Group Insurance is guarantee issue, meaning no one can be turned down due to medical issues or history. This may be the only way many people can get health insurance and otherwise may go uninsured. In fact, this is how most Americans get their Health Insurance.

Group Health Insurance for Your Marysville Business

We make it easy and pain free. Tell us a little about your company and employees. Then we will show you Health Insurance Quotes from leading health insurance companies in your area. We will help you understand the coverages and plan designs in terms that we can all understand. Once we find the plan that is right for your company, we will submit the plan to the Insurance company for approval. We will be here for you every step of the way and will service your needs year round, so contact us today!

Group Health Insurance Marysville CA