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Just like you, we at Alex Bravos Insurance need and buy Health Insurance for ourselves, our families and our business. Being experts in the industry and consumers, just like you, we understand Health Insurance and we can explain it in terms that we all understand.

Unlike other industries where prices can fluctuate from store to store, Health Insurance Prices are fixed and set by law. Meaning, we can guarantee that you cannot get a cheaper price anywhere else because, by law, the prices from each Health Insurance Company are set and cannot change without approval from the governing agencies.

Benefits of using Alex Bravos Insurance are:

  • We understand Health Insurance, it’s all we do.
  • We shop all the best Plans and Companies side by side for you, assuring you get the best price and benefits for your needs
  • We are here for you when you have questions or claims, not just some 800#.
  • We explain Health Insurance in terms we all can understand, so you can feel confident you and your family are covered. Whatever may happen.
  • We are Experts on Health Care Reform and the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).

Call today so we can help you find the Right Plan at the Right Price for you and your budget.

We specialize in helping people find Affordable Health Insurance solutions.  Whether you are looking for Individual and Family Health Insurance, Group Insurance and Employee Benefits for your company, Dental and Vision Insurance or a Medicare Supplement Plan, Medicare Advantage Plan or Part D Prescription Plan: we’ve got you covered!

Alex Bravos Insurance is focused on Service, first. The better we get to know our clients and their needs, the better we can help and service their needs.

We work with the best Health Insurance Companies in the industry including Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser, Health Net, Humana, AARP and many more.  We sift through all of the options with each company and find the plan that best fits  your needs and your budget.

Give us a call today to find an Affordable Health Insurance plans in Marysville, CA that is right for you!