How Will My Health Care Plan Change with a New President?

How health insurance might change in 2017 is an important question currently on the minds of millions of Americans. With the election of a new president, health insurance policies and premiums have the possibility of changing. This possibility rises even more to the forefront with a candidate who made promises to dramatically revamp the health care system in this country.

But when it really comes down to it, will your insurance change with the new president? The short answer is that some change is likely, but not overly drastic changes.

Medicaid insures over 77 million Americans. When President Trump comes into office in 2017, it is probably that his administration will give individual states more freedom to run Medicaid programs in their state in the ways they want. This may lead to co-pays and implementing certain work requirements.

Ultimately, the Affordable Care Act health insurance premiums for 2017 were set months ago. Customers who go uninsured in 2017 will be faced with financial penalty of at least $695 per adult. So, if you are covered under the ACA, it is unlikely that your coverage will change in 2017.

While there is some uncertainty as how health insurance policies will move forward in 2017, the best thing for you and your family is to sit down with your insurance agent and discuss your major medical needs, as well as your overall budget. In the long run, a knowledgeable insurance agent is your best line of defense against the possible changes to come to health insurance in 2017.

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